Drug test mechanics

Hi Kathy, I had a near death experience yesterday. I had my Jeep serviced at a local independent shop. They put new brakes all around. Unfortunately, whoever did the work failed to torque one of the caliper retaining bolts properly and it came loose and fell out. We were on I-95 and we had to stop at the Delaware toll plaza. As we were slowing we heard a loud rumbling and then an explosion. The front right brake caliper had come loose because of the missing bolt. It punched a huge hole in the rim and the tire went flat immediately. Fortunately we were almost at a stop when the tire blew. I shudder to think what would have happened if my wife had touched the brakes at 70 mph. The repair shop is paying for the repairs in full So I am not concerned with that. The point is why did it happen in the first place. It's not like McDonald's messing up your order. It's a life and death industry and I can't imagine an ASI trained automotive technician missing the extremely important step of correctly torquing a critical fastener. I don't know if drug testing is mandatory at the state level for vehicle mechanics but it might be something to look into. BTW I live in Hartford County, I voted for you and so hoped you would win and I am an avid motorcyclist. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Frank Drecchio, Forest Hill, MD.

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