An update from Trump-world, and news on the Federal Budget!

Update from Trump-world!

Maryland's own, Dave Bossie, has been a close confidant and strategist with President Donald Trump for years. I credit Dave Bossie with the Trump victory last year. Dave Bossie is a regular on Fox News, Maryland's RNC Committeeman, President of Citizens United, husband, father, and all around great guy!

Dave was the guest speaker at a dinner in Harford County Wednesday evening. He told a number of interesting and funny stories from the campaign and gave an update on the Trump administration. We all have seen the growing pains of a businessman non-politician becoming the President. The business world and political world operate on different platforms. The regular-guy vibe we get from Donald Trump is, apparently, who he really is - but a really rich version of that. He likes fast-food and has a good sense of humor. Donald Trump genuinely cares about people and loves our country.

President Trump's trip abroad has been a big success. The establishment media has even given President Trump high marks on the trip. The itinerary was ambitious as he visited the heart of the Muslim world, Israel and Europe. I give him an A+ on his first foreign visit as leader of the free world! I'm optimistic about the future.

Dave Bossie & Kathy Szeliga - May 24, 2017

Holiday Weekend - Woo-hoo & FYI

Uniquely American, Memorial Day originated after the Civil War in 1868 and was called Decoration Day. It was started by Union veterans in Illinois as a time to remember those lost in battle as they decorated the graves of the Union war veterans with flowers. Today, we honor ALL Americans who died while in military service on Memorial Day.

Please take a few minutes today and over the weekend to:

  • Remember those lost in battle fighting for the United States of America
  • Pray for the families and friends of those left behind.
  • Pray for our troops, the brave men and women who serve us voluntarily
  • And be sure to thank a veteran!

FYI - As you travel about our state and region on this holiday weekend, be safe on our roads ad highways. The MDTA Police are stepping up their seatbelt enforcement efforts over the next couple of weeks.

Great News on the Federal Budget!

It's about time we start talking about balancing the federal budget! With a $20 trillion debt that doubled under President Obama, it will be years and years before we can pay down that credit card debt. I am relieved to see a plan to reduce the deficit (difference between how much money the feds collect in in taxes and how much they spend) and eventually balance the budget!!

Do not believe the doomsday hype by the liberals in Washington and their partners in crime, the establishment media. This budget is the largest in the history of the US! It reduces increases in spending and has almost no real cuts in spending. Remember government math does not work like your family budget. There are built in increases in spending every year. Example: $100 budget this year would be $110 next year automatically. If the budget is $105, they would call that a cut. In real math, it's a 5% or $5 increase. In government math, it's a $5 cut because their budget was supposed to be $110 and they got $105.

Remember, when the media (typically, they are NOT good at math - only good at parroting liberal talking points) says there is a "cut," it's probably not a real cut. It's a decrease in the increased spending.

Here is the introduction to the budget proposal from the White House:

Beginning a New Chapter of American Greatness


The American people elected me to fight for their priorities in Washington, D.C. and deliver on my promise to protect our Nation. I fully intend to keep that promise.

One of the most important ways the Federal Government sets priorities is through the Budget of the United States.

Accordingly, I submit to the Congress this Budget Blueprint to reprioritize Federal spending so that it advances the safety and security of the American people.

Our aim is to meet the simple, but crucial demand of our citizens - a Government that puts the needs of its own people first. When we do that, we will set free the dreams of every American, and we will begin a new chapter of American greatness.

You can read the document here.

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