"Un-Gerrymandering Maryland"

Kathy, Please share this sketch with whomever it may do the most good. Here’s how it works… The North border of Maryland is a straight line following a latitude line, I expect. Take the distance from that line to the southernmost tip of the State and divide by 10, drawing the equidistant horizontal lines across the whole State. Now, say the population of Maryland is roughly 30 million people. Starting at the top left, color in the top section moving to the right until you have colored over one million people and draw a vertical line making your first voting District. Now, change crayon to a new color and continue to color over the second million people. Lather, rinse, repeat till you have colored in the whole State. THERE! You have successfully created 30 Districts fairly and WITHOUT BIAS! Every Census, the vertical lines may be moved a little left or right according to population shifts, but only within the rules that set this method up, population divided by 30. (Or 60, or any number, but once set, remains set) Respectfully, Gary Bullard 443-523-0029 30423 Bennett Rd Salisbury, MD. 21804

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