Sports Betting - Yea or Nay?

Posted May 18, 2018

Sports Betting – What do you think?

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled this week that states could engage in sports betting. Some are saying it will generate a “wild-west” for gambling and a patchwork of laws by the states as they try to regulate it and make money from taxing it.

Maryland will definitely take up this issue next year when the legislature convenes. As a reminder, Maryland’s legislature only meets for 90 days from January until April. Outside of that timeframe, the governor can call a Special Session and call the 188 legislators back to Annapolis. It is unlikely this will happen for sports betting.

While I do not allege to be an expert on SCOTUS decisions, this raises a lot of interesting legal and constitutional issues. This article explains it better than I can, although I do not support some of the writer’s snarky comments.

WBAL radio also has a good piece on their website

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Baltimore City’s Top Cop

This week, Baltimore City’s Police Commissioner De Sousa resigned after federal prosecutors filed criminal misdemeanor charges against him for not filing his tax returns in 2013-2015. This also means he did not file his Maryland tax returns because you cannot file your state returns without having the information from your federal returns.

This is sloppy and I’m sure any future background check for Mayoral appointments will include looking into the candidate’s tax filing status.

The acting BCP Commissioner Gary Tuggle failed to file his recent ethics forms and also filled previous forms out incorrectly. He lives in Prince George’s County in a $760,000 home with his wife but reported Baltimore City instead of Upper Marlboro. This may have been a technology error, but failing to file is not a technology error.

The Baltimore City Code states that all department heads must be residents and registered voters of Baltimore City at the time of their appointment. I don’t know how Gary Tuggle can be acting Commissioner.

Can we PLEASE get a good Baltimore City Police Commissioner??? Is it asking too much that they are not law-breakers or people who do not tell the truth on their ethics form? Our Baltimore City residents and Baltimore City police officers need to know that the Top Cop is of the highest moral character in their professional and personal lives. #EnoughIsEnough

President Trump moves Israel’s Embassy

President Trump followed through on another campaign promise this week. The US Embassy in Israel is now located in Jerusalem. This historic move is a message to the world that the USA stands with Israel. I support this bold decision and actions.

The best statements I have seen on this issue came from Senator Lindsey Graham.

Sen. Lindsey Graham had a strong message Saturday for those who object to the U.S. Embassy being moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem: "Take it up with God."

"When it comes to the United States and Israel, we're off the fence," the South Carolina Republican told Jeanine Pirro on Fox News. "We're rejecting the Obama model of tepid support.

"This means we've got Israel's back.

"If you have a problem with Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, take it up with God," Graham said. "He did this."


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