SAY NO to Making Maryland a Sanctuary State

The liberal legislators in Annapolis have absolutely failed the 14 year old high school student who was VIOLENTLY raped last week by two of her fellow students -- both here illegally -- with the passage of HB 1362 that makes Maryland a Sanctuary City.

I, along with every other Republican and five Democrats, VOTED NO. Even more shockingly my fellow Minority Leader Nic Kipke proposed an amendment that would have prevented this from covering terrorists or felons, but that too was rejected on a party line vote by delegates.

This is beyond politics at its worst, it is dangerous, when liberals in Annapolis are prioritizing the rights of criminal illegal aliens over protecting Maryland citizens.

Now I am asking you to stand with me tell the Senate they MUST SAY NO to making Maryland a Sanctuary State. Our only hope is to defeat this bill in the Senate and your voice is important!

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