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You Can't Watch Them

Citizens deserve to see what their lawmakers are doing. Today, there was a bill hearing on my bill to require video of the House and Senate floor proceedings. Currently, citizens can only listen to the audio of floor proceedings. With 141 delegates from across our state, it's almost impossible to know who is speaking. We do have video live and archived of our committee hearings, but the leadership in the House and Senate have blocked video on the floor of their chambers. It's long overdue and now is the time for transparency, HB 933, General Assembly - Live and Archived Video Streaming of Meetings. 41 other states already do this.

In addition to my bill, Governor Hogan also had two bills in the Rules Committee today. One is also a transparency bill that puts video cameras in the House and Senate. Governor Hogan has provided the funds for this common-sense measure in his budget.

Redistricting Reform

Maryland ranks near the top for gerrymandering – with some of the most partisan legislative and congressional districts in the country. Today, Governor Hogan introduced a bill to form a non-partisan redistricting commission. It's time to make government serve the people instead of special interest groups.

Former Governor O'Malley, who was the architect of the current partisan election maps, is even admitting that Maryland needs redistricting reform!! This is a non-partisan issue that 73% of Marylanders support. Governor Hogan is right – let's get this done this year.

You won't believe this one!

This week in Annapolis, there was a bill to make Maryland a sanctuary state. HB 1362 makes Maryland a Sanctuary State. The hearing was held on February 28th. I oppose this bill because I believe illegal immigration hurts Americans. With limited financial resources, I believe Maryland should focus on helping our own. And allowing those who have broken the law to enter our country illegally to jump the line in front of those immigrants hoping and praying to be granted a visa to enter and even become citizens is unjust.

I don't think this bill will pass – but you can count on me to oppose this bill.

How can you get involved?

Friends and supporters always ask how they can help get common sense ideas across in Annapolis. Follow Governor Hogan and me on Facebook and Twitter – as well as others who represent you and your ideas – share our posts and share our emails!

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