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Maiden Voyage – Talk Radio Host

This Saturday, March 11, I will be THE host on WBAL News radio 1090 from 11-2!

While I have been a guest on C4, Derek Hunter, Jimmy Mathias, Bruce Elliott and others, I've never had the opportunity to be the host. While Peter Schmuck, the regular host, is in Florida with the Orioles I will get to host. I can't wait!

Be sure to Listen in and call in – 410-467- WBAL (9225)


Physician Assisted Suicide - died

The physician assisted suicide bill was withdrawn from the Senate. That means the bill is dead this year. The House bill will not move out of committee if the senate bill did not get any traction this year.

I fully expect this bill to be back next year.

Heroin Epidemic is deemed Crisis by Gov. Hogan

Governor Hogan recently declared a state of emergency regarding the heroin epidemic in Maryland. He also committed an additional $50 million, $10 million per year for the next 5 years, to fight this crisis.

There are a number of bills this year to address heroin addiction. A workgroup is looking at all the bills and ideas that will produce a bi-partisan bill that should get full support from both the house and senate.

Opioids killed 1,468 Maryland residents in the first nine months of 2016 and those numbers are increasing for 2017. This addiction epidemic has reached every community in Maryland and across our country.

Canceling the Balanced Budget

There is a movement to cancel out Maryland's call for a federal balanced budget amendment. Along party lines, the Senate passed a Senate Resolution this week repealing all calls for a Constitutional Convention. One of these Resolutions called for a convention to amend the Constitution to require that the Federal government have a balanced budget.

I support a law or even Constitutional Amendment requiring the Federal government to balance the budget. You and I must live within our means. The states all must balance their budgets. It's beyond the time for Washington DC to balance the federal budget. Should this House Resolution get a vote, you can count on me voting to support a balanced federal budget.

How can you get involved?

Friends and supporters always ask how they can help get common sense ideas across in Annapolis. Follow Governor Hogan and me on Facebook and Twitter – as well as others who represent you and your ideas – share our posts and share our emails!

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God bless you and your family!

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