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The poll results are in! Almost 1500 people filled out the survey I sent around recently. Here is part 1 of a 2 part report back to you.

Right or Wrong? - 73% of you think Maryland is headed in the right direction and 52% said STRONGLY right direction!! Governor Hogan is doing a fantastic job of leading our state and I'm proud to be assisting him in Annapolis. 19% said wrong direction.

Top Issue? What is the top issue for you and your family?
41% said "pocketbook issues," with jobs, the economy and fighting taxes topping the list.
14% said 2nd Amendment
14% said Illegal immigration
12% Crime and drugs
Everything else trailed way behind.

Regarding the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare:
93% of those who responded said it should be Repealed and Replaced either completely or replaced but keeping kids and pre-existing conditions.
Only 5% of the respondents think we should keep the ACA intact.

I think there is a disconnect between the media and the views of real people in Maryland. You would think the sky is falling when they talk about Repealing and Replacing the ACA!! Rest assured, I feel confident that we will get the healthcare reform we want and need without ending civilization.

Next week, I'll deliver more of your responses. We are on track and fighting for you and your family to restore COMMON SENSE ideas to government at all levels.

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