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Posted May 31, 2018

Szeliga - Farm Bureau Endorsed!

I am proud and honored to be endorsed by the Maryland Farm Bureau! I have been fighting for our farmers and agriculture communities and industry across our great state for the 8 years I’ve been in Annapolis.

Sports Gambling – yeah or nay?

A few weeks ago, I asked people to weigh in on sports gambling. As promised, the results are here! Approximately 300 people responded to the poll. This is not a scientifically accurate poll for many reasons. However, the results are still interesting.

You think sports betting should be legalized in Maryland by a margin of 10%, with 53% saying YES. The majority of people think the sports betting should be available at racetracks and casinos, and a large number said more than those locations. Finally, most people said no, we don’t need a special session of the legislature to get it on the ballot this November. However, it is a small margin of just 4% that separates those that want the legislature to wait until next year to take it up.

Q1: Should Maryland legalize Sports Betting?

YES - 53%
NO - 43%

Q2: Should Maryland’s Sports Betting be limited to casinos and racetracks?


Q3: Should the legislature be called back to Annapolis to get this on the ballot?

YES - 43%
NO- 47%

Baltimore City youth violence

In response to the tragic killing of Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio, I issued the following press release. Attending both the viewing and funeral last week, the outpouring of love, honor and respect for Amy, her family, and our law enforcement community was enormous.

Something must change.


For Immediate Release
May 23, 2018
Contact: Kathy Szeliga, 443-570-1555

Delegate Kathy Szeliga Offers Condolences and Demands Action
Perry Hall Delegate Calls for Immediate Change

Baltimore County – Perry Hall resident Delegate Kathy Szeliga, shocked by Monday’s tragic slaying of Baltimore County Police Officer First Class Amy Caprio, offered condolences to Officer Caprio’s family, coworkers, and friends. “Words cannot express the heartbreak we feel for the Caprio family and the law enforcement community,” said Szeliga. “Bravely protecting the residents of Baltimore County, Amy Caprio made the ultimate sacrifice as her life was taken by criminals Monday while she was protecting people in Perry Hall.”

Delegate Szeliga’s son and his family live just one street from where Officer Caprio was run down by four violent juvenile criminals from Baltimore City. “Parents and families of Perry Hall lived in a state of terror Monday while SWAT members were combing through neighborhoods and all schools and homes were locked-down,” said Delegate Szeliga. “Law enforcement, schools, and the local community were vigilant in protecting people from further harm by the four dangerous criminals who fled the scene. These criminals must be held accountable, for killing Officer Caprio, burglarizing, and terrorizing the entire Perry Hall community as they hid from police and were loose in the area for hours after running down Officer Caprio,” Szeliga demanded.

Dawnta Harris, age 16, has been charged as an adult with first-degree murder in the death of Officer Caprio. This was far from Harris’ first brush with the law. Over the last six months Harris stole cars in December, January, and February. He was sent to a juvenile facility in March, from which he escaped, stole another car, and was subsequently arrested in the City. He has been on house arrest since April with a monitoring bracelet, but left his home sometime in mid-May. On the day he murdered Officer Caprio, he and three other teens were stealing valuables from homes in Perry Hall. According to media reports, at his preliminary hearing on Tuesday, District Judge Sally Chester referred to Harris as a “one-man crime wave”. On Wednesday the three teens that were with Harris were charged as adults with murder and burglary.

“There is a lot of talk about violent crime rates dropping in Baltimore City. But you have to wonder are the crimes really being prevented or just exported to other jurisdictions”, said Szeliga. There have been a series of violent car-jackings in Baltimore County in recent weeks, including one involving a pregnant teacher who was repeatedly punched in the face while yelling to her assailants that she was pregnant. In each of these cases these juvenile offenders had gone on crime sprees in the County with several of them already having records of convictions in Baltimore City.

Delegate Kathy Szeliga is calling for Baltimore City and Mayor Catherine Pugh to immediately address the dangerous and growing problem created by violent juveniles who have been committing crimes in the City and surrounding area. “Mayor Pugh, States Attorney Mosby, and the judges that adjudicate these cases must start holding these criminals accountable. It is infuriating when people discover they have been victimized by criminals with lengthy records, regardless of their age,” Delegate Szeliga said emphatically. “My community wants this senseless violence to be stopped and that can start by Baltimore City judiciously applying stricter penalties and not pleading crimes away and letting violent offenders back into the community.”



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