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Posted Oct 26, 2018

Early Voting Starts TOMORROW!

Thursday, October 25 – Thursday, November 1

10 AM – 8 PM (even Sunday)

I strongly encourage you to vote early. The first few days of early voting are busy. If you wait until Sunday, or later in the week, the lines are typically short and the wait is less than 10 minutes.

You can early vote at any early voting center in the county where you are registered to vote. Click here to see the early voting center in your area.

Vote early. Take a few friends. Make sure your vote gets recorded regardless of what is happening on November 6th.

Why vote early? About 15 minutes after the polls close on Election Night at 8 PM, the early voting results are posted on line. Your Early Vote is counted FIRST and makes big news on TV and radio!! Help us make the news GREAT!!


Your sample ballot should have arrived

Your county/city Board of Elections has mailed your sample ballot. On the front, you will find your polling place. On the back, the Early Voting locations are listed. Inside, you have listed:

All your candidates – state, federal and local

2 Constitutional Amendments

  1. The lock box for education funding from gambling – I’m voting FOR
  2. Same-Day voter registration and voting at the poll on Election Day – I am voting AGAINST this because I am concerned about voter fraud

Additional items vary by jurisdiction, including some County Charter amendments.

Also, there are County Borrowing approval items in some jurisdictions – (county borrowing is supported by your property taxes – voting for may cause an increase in your property taxes)

VIP Recommendations – make sure you get these!!

Governor/Lt. Governor

✔  Larry Hogan and Boyd Rutherford

Attorney General

✔  Craig Wolf

U.S. Senator

✔  Tony Campbell

Representative for Congress

✔  Andy Harris – CD 1 ✔  Liz Matory – CD 2 ✔  Amie Hoeber – CD 6

District 7 – Baltimore & Harford Counties Recommendations:


✔  J.B. Jennings

House of Delegates

✔  Arikan ✔  Impallaria ✔  Szeliga

Baltimore County Executive

✔  Al Redmer, Jr.

Baltimore County Council

✔  Wade Kach – D3 ✔  David Marks – D5 ✔  Ryan Nawrocki – D6

Baltimore County Judges

✔  Deeley, Finifter, Jakubowski, Robinson

Baltimore County Board of Education (choose the one in your district)

✔  Julie Henn, Kathleen Causey, Lisa Mack, Tony Glasser, Makeda Scott, Lily Rowe, Will Feuer

Harford County Council

✔  Donna Blasdell- A ✔  Joe Woods – B ✔  Tony G – C ✔  Chad Schrodes – D

Harford County Sheriff

✔  Jeffrey Gahler

Harford County State’s Attorney

✔  Albert Peisinger

Harford County Judge of the Circuit Court

✔  Paul Ishak ✔  Lawrence F. Kreis, Jr.

Harford County Board of Elections

✔  Carmello, Williamson, Karwacki


Thanks for your interest in the important issues facing Maryland today.

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God bless you and your family!