Summer Fun & Government Waste

Posted Jul 20, 2018

4th of July Fun!

The 4th of July Independence Day Celebration is one of the best holidays. Patriots from every walk of life put aside political differences and celebrate the birth of our nation. I am especially thankful on July 4th to be an American and live in the greatest country in the world.

The Kingsville 4th of July parade is absolutely one of the best in Maryland. This year, Governor Hogan attended and the weather was hot as usual. We had a terrific group of volunteers and I was proud to walk with the newly elected delegate from my district, Lauren Arikan!

I hope your 4th of July celebrations were as nice as ours.

Tax-free week coming – diapers & lots of items on there!

In anticipation of the upcoming school-shopping season, the annual Shop Maryland Tax-Free week runs this year Sunday, Aug. 12, through Saturday, Aug. 18. Qualifying clothing and footwear costing $100 or less per item is exempt from the 6% state sales tax.

In addition to school shopping items, there are many items on the tax-free list you may need. Diapers, hunting attire, tuxedos, cowboy boots, choir robes, and other interesting items under $100 are tax free during that week.

Click here to check out the list.

Tragedy in Annapolis

The senseless killing of five people at the Annapolis Capital newspaper June 28th leaves our state and nation still mourning. Wendi Winters charged at the shooter with little protection and most likely saved the lives of others as she sacrificed her own. Hopefully, she will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously.

Those killed will be remembered. Please continue to keep the family and friends of these five people in your thoughts and prayers, along with all those at the Annapolis Capital.

Gerald Fischman, age 61, Columnist and Editorial Page Editor of The Capital 
Rob Hiaasen, age 59, Assistant Editor and Weekend Columnist of The Capital 
John McNamara, age 56, Sports Reporter of The Capital 
Rebecca Smith, age 34, Sales Assistant of Capital Gazette Communications
Wendi Winters, age 65, Community Beat Reporter of The Capital

Fighting government waste

The most recent year on record to examine federal grants is 2016. There were 560,771 grants doled out totaling $583 billion! There is an organization called Open The Books making government transparency a priority and making it easier for the public to examine these grants.

With our federal debt surpassing $21 trillion, that’s $65,000 for every person in the US, Unnecessary spending must stop. There are needs and there are wants. You and I know the difference and we must get Washington DC to do the same.

Check out this great article with links to an interactive map and database you can search by zip code.

This is one of the grants listed in the article:
Sex-Ed for Prostitutes: Barbara Lee, D-Calif. – The California Prostitutes Education Project received nearly $1.5 million from HHS to teach sex-ed to prostitutes. The project seeks to teach prostitutes about safer sex and needle use in a way that’s respectful to its clients’ lifestyle and choices – even though prostitution is illegal in California and 48 other states.


Thanks for your interest in the important issues facing Maryland today.

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God bless you and your family!